As an agent, how do you respond to a potential client’s showing requests? If someone wants to see four properties but they’ve indicated that they’re already working with another agent on at least two of them, what do you do? Well, what you absolutely don’t want to do is try to compete with other agents by racing around to and fro showing this client as many homes as possible. Not only is that an exhausting and stressful approach, it’s flat-out ineffective. 

Today I’m sharing a real-life example of why you should never chase listings. Though I’m using fictional names, the moral of this story is as real as it gets: Focus on providing quality to people through your consultation, not on chasing ‘leads’ faster than your competition. 

Cited below for your convenience are timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video. Feel free to watch the full message or use these timestamps to skip to topics that interest you most: 

0:33 — The issue that one of my agents (“John”) recently faced with a real client (“Michelle”)

2:21 — Step No. 1 of the four-step solution I prescribed to John: Ask the client to tell you more

2:46 — Step No. 2: Find out the client’s motivation 

3:01 — Step No. 3: Ask if the client would be ready to write an offer today 

4:47  — Step No. 4: Offer the client an appointment to go over more details 

5:30 —  What actually happened when John followed those four steps to help Michelle

6:20 — Ditch the transactional mindset, embrace the consultative mindset 

6:49 — The three thought patterns you need to break immediately

If you have further questions on how to start operating with a more consultative mindset, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email. Tell me about where in your business you’re experiencing the most problems, and I’ll give you my honest feedback. I’d love to have an impact dialogue with you!

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