Interviewing Ona Malosky about how to build and keep momentum.


Client Journey Defined: Staying in touch with people, learning where they are at, understanding their pains and pleasures and offering value through all stages of the process is a key skill of attracting and retaining clients into your practice.

Skills Defined: Any technique, tool or idea that helps you execute on a deliverable.

The video with Ona included herein offers the following to help develop your calling skills to keep your database accurate so you can be the best guide possible for each individual’s journey.

~0-1:45 - Review of where we are at

~1:45 - Role Play the “Status Update” So you can keep your database up to date.

~6:00 - Role Play the “Hot client Re-Activation call” So you can re-engage those who went on the sidelines

~11:45 - Review “Pre-Call Routines” aka a “warm up” so you can get maximum effectiveness out of your calling time blocks

~14:15 - Review Techniques and Principles: Remember, it’s less about scripts, more about Techniques

~16:00 - 3 Questions to go from “Fear to Faith”

Strategy Call