What are some key statistics you need to know to make a plan for 2022? First, I want to ask you a question: Are you riding the WAVE, or are you RIDING the wave? If you’re doing the first, you might be letting momentum take you wherever it’s heading. In other words, you have no control just like people in a packed wave pool. On the other hand, RIDING the wave means you’re more like a skilled surfer—totally in control and supported by a team of professionals. Today I want to take you through statistics that will help you RIDE the wave in 2022. 

You can hear my full explanation in the video above, or you can skip to each topic using the timestamps provided below:

0:12 — What does it mean to “RIDE the wave?”

1:41 — Important NAR stats from 2021

4:13 — What factors do clients look at when they choose an agent?

5:02 — What do clients want from their agents?

6:23 — How we help you put these statistics into action

6:51 — Wrapping things up

If you have any comments or questions about today’s video, please call or email my team. We’d love to help make 2022 your best year yet.

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