Today I’m excited to share one of our most recent training sessions with you. This one is all about how to win with contingent offers and putting your buyers in a competitive position in this market.

You’ll learn how to deal with the unknowns, the core issues, and how you can address all of them with the offer you make.

Cited below for your convenience are timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video. Feel free to watch it in its entirety, or use these timestamps to browse specific points at your leisure:

1:55- The classic scenario people run into in this situation

3:05- The unknowns of a contingent offer

5:45- How to address time and price concerns with absorption rate positioning

14:10- How to determine whether your buyer’s home will be contingent or not

16:30- How to craft a strong contingent offer

21:10- How to present this kind of offer to sellers

24:30- The 4 key benefits of using this contingent offer strategy

28:10- Wrapping things up/Audience Q&A

If you have further questions for me about contingent offers or anything else related to the real estate business, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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